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About Brenda Zyburt

I honor my inner divinity of the spirit soul I am living my life from my “Highest Self”, I work with my Spiritual Team everyday with pure Love. I live life by the Laws of the Universe, honoring ever person and every persons journey. For me Creating is a Passion from the Heart of pure Love that brings Peace, Joy and Happiness, a place where there is no time or space, you lose yourself in your work as time is an illusion. 

Creating art work that holds the highest vibration, powerful energy, selecting crystals for each paintings that heals the soul with tranquility and peace, to help you relax let go and enjoy your journey and in meditation. Spirit wants every person to connect with their Spirit Path and hold the light, the more light the higher our planet will evolve and more souls will be healed and set free at a Global Level. Spirit and I work everyday painting, writing books, taken pictures - photography to bring you to a place for soul growth, providing you privacy to learn, to reflection and grow on your Spirit Path.

I hope you enjoy visiting our energy and you are pleased with every purchase you make. Take a look around to see how we can inspire your Soul Growth. Send me an email to help you along your journey, with much Love Brenda