a Horse ~ Power of Love


Horse ~ Power of Love ~ 36X48 She brings the Way Of Love, the Way Of Heavenly Beings, into ones physical reality. You receive a deep "knowing" with each of the chakra, balancing, cleansing, healing; bring forth your Spiritual Gifts! She provides an energy of delicate harmony, enhancing distinct awareness and unbridled spontaneity. It helps one to "be", providing for an alliance of surrender and a strength allowing for the further recognition of the essential being within the self; recognition of this aspect also provides for the acknowledgement and appreciation of the essential being, which is not the self, but is within each of us. Meditate and receive "attunement" of oneself understand Self Love and Love for All as All are One. The crystals on Horse hold powerful energy; phenacite, herkimer diamonds, clear quartz, botswana jasper, blue aquamarine, green peridot, copper, ruby, emeralds, red garnet, amber, purple amethyst, pink quartz, fushite, fluorite, carnelian, jasper.

Limited Edition Giclee canvas prints - all signed by the artist.