a Leo The Lioness


Leo The Lioness ~ 36X48     She is traveling to Earth through the Portal at a run, she can't get here fast enough! She brings amazing Healing Energies needed on the planet to balance karma, and move energies to positive, loving, healing, calming, and One With All. She brings the way of Love, the way of Heavenly Being, The Way of the Soul into ones physical reality. She facilitates deep mediation, promoting an inner "knowing" with each of the chakras. Pietersite is her main jewel on her crown, this simulates the Pineal Gland and assists one during meditative states to experience vision and pre-cognitive thoughts. It aligns the energy centers of the body while providing grounding, not to the Earth, but to the Etheric body, culminating in access to the Akashic Records.  She contains the "keys to the Kingdom Of Heaven". Neptune is with her.  All possibilities of the Future, Present & the Past are yours to behold and you must use it wisely for the betterment or good of humanity and our Earth! The crystals hold powerful energy, love, & have a high vibration; Clear Quartz, Pietersite, Amber, Rubies, Emeralds, Red Garnets, Herkimer Diamonds, Gold (her eyes) Phenacite, Turquoise, Vanadanite, Green Peridot, Purple Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Pyrite, Peacock Ore - Bornite.