Angelic Being ~ Protector Of Earth


Angelic Being Protector Of Earth ~ 30X40, the healing energy of this portrait are all about the upper chakra's; throat - blues, 3rd eye - purple, crown - golden white the vibration that is amplified with a loving, healing & calming presence. The energy arms have clear quartz and purple amethyst with the halo composed of purple amethyst. The gown of gold, bronze and copper is lined with amber, the necklace has purple amethyst with a tear drop of clear quartz ~ very breathtaking. The universe behind the angelic being has golden jasper, purple amethyst, clear quartz with the cross having 4 clear quartz points with the center purple amethyst.  The Earth is in the bottom left receiving permission to speak our truth and heal our souls, believe, feel, learn and know you are loved.