a Dragon ~ Radiant Light


Dragon ~ Radiant Light ~ 36X48, Dragon Energy is Magical & Powerful!  See their world, see their light! Dragons are great Masters of Light with strength deep within.  They bring ancient wisdom and a deep knowledge from your wise ancestors and the original substances of creation, Fire & Water. Dragons are the true Light Masters for they can direct and amplify the flow of light energy to the farthest reaches of Infinite Consciousness.  You will see the Dragon and you will know that the days of Isolation and Illusion are over and a new day is at hand. Dragons are Peace and Harmony, pure Love and Light, they are considered the way-showers for us all, illuminating  the path of most harmony, and directing light energy towards that destination. The pyramids are the center point for transformation to higher evolution and Infinite Consciousness. The dolphins are great teachers and masters at healing.  The waters are calming, letting go and very healing. The crystals are transformational; peridot, serpentine, moonstone, herkimer diamond, garnet, azurite quartz, blue aquamarine, amber, lapis lazuli, ruby, clear quartz, yellow jasper, phenacite, peacock ore, pyrite, vanadanite and the Angel of Love.