The Journey Of The Soul, Seeking Our Own Truth to Our Soul's Awakening


The Journey Of The Soul

Seeking Our Own Truth to Our Soul's Awakening

Brenda Zyburt has wrote an amazing book, uncovering astounding secrets and suppressed information from the public, read about the agenda to cull the people, the poisoning of our air with the ChemTrails that are Micro Chipping humans without your approval! The manipulation of energy with he HARRP technology and the toxic chemicals we drink called Water and how all food is being poisoned so we cannot reproduce. Humanity needs to understand what is happening to Earth through spirits voice and listen to the new Energies entering Earth to reverse the dark, dense energy destroying where we live and create the New as Earth is meant to be, Paradise.

Brenda writes about The Journey of the Soul as it is one of the hardest aspects the soul is required to complete. Why? We have to reflect on all our actions, thoughts, energies and our past lives, we have to go deeper than we ever thought possible and then some more. It is a never ending task, years of self-discipline and a hunger for truth and true knowledge, and this truth and knowledge are not from a book they are only learned with the Omni Presence. You learn to love yourself and others, to not judge another’s journey or path as we all make our own choices. Live with Grace, Compassion and pure Love. There are over 80 colored pictures of Spirit and Brenda’s guides in this book to help Humanity understand what they cannot SEE. This book is full of channeled messages from the Omni Presence, read what they have to say, understand the truth to our healing as the human race.

Brenda shows you the truth to “waken up” is with understanding what is happening to our Human lives and the Earth we live on and SEEing what is taken place to humanity as that is lifting the “Veil” you have to lift the Veil to connect with Spirit, the Omni Presence with pure Love. If you cannot see and understand what is happening on Earth you will not connect with the true source of Life, the Omni Presence.

Humanity has a choice to make, the new Energy is here! Your truth is upon you, what choice will you make? To wake up and understand what is happening to Earth and the world you live on? Or stay a sleep and deny what is right in front of you a communist dictatorship that would control every aspect of our lives; body & mind. The choice is yours to live in a prison or to live as One with the Omni Presence in Paradise. The road to your truth is in front of you what decision will you make.

I AM a Spiritual Energetic Being who travels with Love; I AM on Earth having an experience to bring people into Consciousness and Out of the false reality of enslavement Above all to Heal Mother Earth!

You cannot read The Journey Of the Soul and be the same person you were when you picked it up. It is life-changing, reality-changing and it is information, if acted upon, will set us free.