b Universal Energy Chakra


Universal Energy Chakra 30X30

Base Root Chakra, base of spine, Red the center of vitality, physical energy and self preservation, clear quartz cluster, mookite jasper, ruby, red garnet, green garnet.
Sacral Chakra, 2” below navel, Orange, desire, emotion, creativity, sexuality and intuition, Clear Quartz, tiger eye
Solar Plexus Chakra, below breastbone at navel, the center of person power ambition, intellect, astral force, desire and touch, clear quartz
Heart Chakra, center of the chest, compassion, love, group consciousness, Oneness Omni Presence, pink quartz, green aventurine
Throat Chakra, neck, communication, sound, creativity, speech and writing, clear quartz, blue calcite
Third-Eye Chakra, one finger above eyebrows, psychic power, intuition, energies of the spirit, and light, purple amethyst
Crown Chakra, crown of the head, center of spirituality enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy, amber.